Brief book review: “One Who Walked Alone”

One Who Walked Alone by Novalyne Price Ellis

This is a true story of a tragic love affair which took place just a few miles from us in the small town of Cross Plains in the 1930’s.

Robert Howard was a successful author of the popular Conan the  Barbarian stories who attracted the attention of a young wannabe writer who moved to Cross Plains to teach at the local school.

But Robert Howard was not an ordinary man.  He led a solitary existence and had trouble negotiating the simple aspects of day to day life.  But there was something else too.  Something that would eventually doom his relationship with the young woman.

She spent a career teaching high school English and did not publish her story until she retired. It’s not great writing but is well worth reading.

There is also a movie made from this book  called “The Whole Wide World” with Renee Zellweger and Vincent D’Onofrio.